It still shocks me how many small businesses spend five digit figures trying to improve the productivity of their web sites. To justify these expenses, SEO specialists and webmasters throw in all the bells and whistles from FLASH openings to keyword analysis.


Promises of Being Number One


The average business website has 8 to 15 pages of content that does not change in its appearance and content. When a SEO firm promises to give you a #1 Google rating, it probably will be for a search for East Tampa plumber, assuming you are the only plumber in East Tampa. FACT: if your keywords are specific, anyone can obtain a #1 Google ranking, but that is NO guarantee your site will get more visitors.


The Awful Truth


When you use Google or Yahoo to search for products or services, you usually find a page with about five paid advertisements on the top and perhaps Google Adwords on the side.  Did you know that over 50% of the Internet searchers will totally skip over and ignore those five ads for they know they are ads?


Not only is a lot of advertising money being wasted on these paid ads, they are often poor values. Did you know that the FIRST paid ad at the top of the list ONLY gets the same number of hits as the FIFTH non-paid listing more than halfway down the page In fact the TENTH non-paid ad usually beats the FIFTH paid ad on a page.


All About Content


How did those non-paid listings make it to the first or second page of the search engine listing? If you study them, you note they are NOT necessarily the largest and most famous companies. But be they large or small firms, their high ranking is related to how relevant the website content is to the keywords.


You can clean up the pages of a small website in a few hours maximizing the rankings of content, photographs, and media. But it takes a content specialist to enhance your content, to recruit desirable inbound links, and to attract people to your website from social media participation. It does not take a lot of words to make the average website stand-out in the arena of web content.


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