Marston C. (Bob) Leonard


813-288-0341 FAX 813-288-0341



Training Administrator *Florida Infographics * Technical & Grant Writing


A proactive, goal-oriented professional offering years of diverse and extensive experiences in non-fiction writing, infographics, personnel skills training and management, customer relations, and website content development.




Content and Contributary Editor Developed and evaluated content for McGraw-Hill's K thru 5 Social Studies Series and Prentice Hall's Middle School American History textbook. Result: Books meet the state requirements for publication in the public school systems and capture ovcer 70% of the market share..


Major Project Developer: Hired by the State of Florida Department of State to inventory and protect historic buildings in Hillsborough County. Result: the creation of the Ybor City National Historic District and the Tampa-Hillsborough Preservation Board.


Recognized Researcher and Writer: Author and public speaker on Florida topics such as history, historic preservation, and economic growth. Result: Featured writer in the Florida Sunshine Almanac, Focus on Florida textbook, and two Florida Endowment of the Humanities grants


Training Innovator: Founded and administered a statewide educational web site designed to train newcomer teachers to Florida in teaching basic skills and information about the state past and present. Result: the largest Florida history educational site ranked by Yahoo and by Google, .


Corporate Training Organizer: Organized and taught off-campus courses and programs at local corporations like TECO, USAA, and Group Technologies. Result: the college's outreach programs reached new markets without the additional cost of leasing/building facilities.


Grants Leadership: Served as a member of grants teams for both the college and the non-profit community. Result: Obtained many grants and specialized in evaluation of grantsmanship system.. Result: Teachers did not have to drive from Plant City or Ruskin to communicate and evaluate new information.


Project Manager: Chaired numerous committees at college and related non-profit groups during its growth from an institution with no buildings and just 40 employees to a school of 41,000 students. Result: implemented district-wide policies for recruitment, training, evaluating, and transferring employees.


Community Relations Leader: Served on the Boards of the Tampa Historical Society, Ybor City State Museum, H. B. Plant Foundation, and Truman Scholarship Center. Result: Organized fund-raising campaigns for the purchase of a historic headquarters, museum exhibits, and long-term financial commitments from corporations and groups.







Hillsborough Community College Tampa, Florida 1976-today

Professor of History, Full-Time and Retired Adjunct



        Director, Florida History Internet Center, 1998-Now

        Mentor, University of South Florida graduate interns

        Author, Interactive, online training program for Florida school teachers

        Project Research Associate, Center of Practical Politics, Winter Park, Florida

        Author Illustrated Guide to the Florida West Coast, Bolossy Kiralfy

        Yahoo Groups Online Moderator - developed online programs





Ed.S. Higher Education - Administration & Training

Florida State University (dual program with University of Florida)


M.S. History with Minor in Student Services (Human Resources)

Florida State University, Tallahassee, Florida


B.A. History

University of South Florida, Tampa, Florida




Content Editor for McGraw-Hill and Prentice-Hall history texts

Newspaper Editor and Columnist in Tampa & Miami




Microsoft Works, PowerPoint, Paint Shop Pro, Photoshop, Pagemaker, ShopSite, WebCT

Training Seminar in Educational Technology , Campus Technology Magazine - Orlando




Florida Historical Society, Tampa Historical Society , McMillion Scholarship Fund, Yahoo Groups - American History, Florida History, Director, Florida History Internet Center, Odyssey of the Mind (State Championship Coach 1998), PTA President.