No one writes grants; you write proposals for grants. Grant proposal writing is a very specialized form of marketing where your creativity and originality is challenged by very specific formats, requirements, and limitations.


The people who write successful grants are quite often not the best writers but they are probably the best researchers.It is essential to view the readers of grant proposals (whether governmental or foundation) as a unique niche market. The more you know that market, the better are your chances of success.


As a lifetime educator and member of several non-profits, I have been on both the receiving and giving end of grants. I have served on countless committees awarding grants (and scholarships for that matter) and I must admit the most needy or best qualified entries do not always gain favor.


Just like the best looking and most talented contestant does not always win the beauty contest (I was once a Miss America pageant judge.), well-designed and positive proposals have a way of capturing the minds and hearts of grant providers.


People who evaluate proposals have a limited time to review and score a large number of presentations.Proposals that are easy to follow, meet all criteria, and show a knowledge of the awarding the goals of the institution score much better.

Length can be a negative to a proposal for some readers, but writers who take advantage of the addenda to a proposal can greatly boost their cause with relevant data.


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