BEACH PARK (Tampa, Florida)

In the 1920ís Tampa had a real estate boom which included the start of an exclusive residential area in the West Shore area of the Interbay area. In 1924 Kentuckian WILLIAM WALLER TRICE, bank vice-president at Citizens, and GIDDINGS E. MABRY, law partner of Governor Doyle Carlton, formed with Carl David Brorein and Milton H. Mabry, started the Beach Park Company.One of its entrances still survives on South Lois Avenue while the Beach Park headquarters is now the Womanís Club on South Westshore.

828 Bayside
My Favorite

Grove Park 1925

Map of Beach Park

Lois to WestShore


The Florida Boom


801 West Shore

Culbreath Bayou

West side

Beach Park Creek

Little Creeks

824 Byside
William Trice

4822 Woodmere
T. Roy Young

Land Boom
One of First Homes

1926 Home
Near Waterfront


Of Beach Park Area

PHOTOGRAPHS by Bob Leonard, Florida History Internet Center. Teachers may use the photographs but please give credit